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Visit the birdwatching hut at the well of Vlissegem

The well of Vlissegem consists of salt water and was formed by the quarrying of sand and clay. Since the well doesn’t freeze during winter, it’s a popular spot for migratory waterbirds. You can find a birdwatching hut on the western shore, which you can reach by following the trail that starts at the reception.

The hut has eight holes, of which one is situated near the water surface. It’s the perfect spot for nature lovers, professional birdwatchers and nature photographers to snap pictures of the well in all its glory.

In the observation hut, you will find two information boards citing the most common bird species. Waterbirds such as the Eurasian wigeon, the Northern shoveler, the little grebe, the common shelduck and the tufted duck are likely to be seen during winter.

The perfect spot for a delicious picnic

This hidden jewel in the middle of the polders is not only a breeding ground for birds, but also the ideal stop for cyclists and hikers who want to enjoy nature. There are a couple of benches at the reception point where you can take a quick break or enjoy a nice picnic.

Coastal town De Haan at only 11 minutes by bike

De Haan is only a 11-minute bike ride away from the well of Vlissegem! Take the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing day by the sea.