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Discover the region by bike

Domein Lepelem is a paradise for cyclists. A bike ride through nature to the well of Vlissegem or to coast town De Haan? Everything lies within biking distance from each other.

Rental bikes at Domein Lepelem

You can bring your own bike to discover the region or you can rent bikes on site if you want to avoid the hassle of bringing your bike along. We work together with bike rental shop ‘Cattrysse’ from De Haan. You can indicate the amount and the types of bike you want when making your reservation, we will make sure the bikes are here upon your arrival.

A large range of cycling routes

De Haan has a beautiful range of cycling routes to offer. The ‘Oude Dijkenfiets’ route is a popular choice among cyclists. This circular route of 43 kilometres starts in De Haan and takes you to Vlissegem, Stalhille and Klemskerke to end in Jabbeke and Oudenberg. Here you can enjoy a rich architectural heritage.