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Enjoy coastal town de Haan

11 kilometres of beach means 11 kilometres of fun hikes. Here you can choose between a lot of different routes: the heritage walking route through the Concession, the ‘In the wake of Einstein’ walk, a hike in the dunes or one of the walking networks consisting of numerous junctions.

If you prefer to discover the region by bike, you can follow the bike trails of the Belgian Coast or you can discover De Haan, Vlissegem and Klemskerke thanks to the ‘Oude Dijkenfietsroute’.

La Potinière, the green lung of the town

Let’s not forget about La Potinière, the green lung of the town. This child-friendly city park consists of 3 tennis courts, a minigolf, sunbathing area, two playgrounds, a petanque court and cafeterias. In short, coastal town De Haan has lots of leisure activities to offer.

The second highest dune of the Belgian Coast

You should also pay a visit to Wenduine and the breathtaking view on top of the second highest dune of the Belgian Coast. There you will find the ‘Spioenkop’, a white pavilion with a red roof. You have a nice view on the polders landscape, the surrounding woods and the coastline here. At the foot of the dune you’ll find the ‘Rotonde’, a popular spot among sunbathers, anglers, petanque players and children.